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Encapsul8 5L


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Encapsul8 is a global leading, patent pending Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres. Encapsul8 is formulated with a powerful surfactant system that emulsifies oily soils on fibres which enables residue to be encapsulated by the polymer. The polymer becomes brittle as it dries and then fractures from the fibre surface which allows it to be easily removed by subsequent vacuuming. Encapsul8 has been scientifically proven to be 15% better at cleaning carpets compared to competitor products, leaving your carpets cleaner and brighter. Encapsul8 also increases soil resistance by 17%.


  • Better value
  • High performance
  • Excellence re-soiling resistance
  • Outstanding stain removal
  • Keeps carpets cleaner for longer
  • Safe for use on most carpet fibres