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Fabripowr 5L


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Fabripowr offers superior performance without use of alkaline boosters. Fabripowr effectively substitutes for up to 5 different chemicals. Fabripowr may be used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet pre spotter, carpet sanitiser, odour suppressor and deodoriser. Only Fabripowr offers carpet cleaners so much versatility with one carpet cleaning product.

Fabripowr is suitable for use in both truck mount and portable carpet cleaning machines. Fabripowr provides improved economy and cheaper dilution ratios due to its concentrated nonionic surfactant blend. Do NOT use on flurochemical treated carpet fibres.


  • Rapid penetration and emulsification of soils
  • Safe on most carpet fibres
  • Built in biocide and odour neutraliser
  • Excellent detergency on natural and synthetic fibres
  • Concentrated 1:40 pre-spray dilution