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Saraya Smart San Sanitising Wipes



Smart-San Sanitising Wipes are designed for use on hands and surfaces. Suitable for use in food production areas and everyday workplaces. The sanitizing formula is gentle on hands and contains emollients to moisturize the skin. Each canister contains 150 wipes, each being 14cm x 20cm. Remove one towel at a time and wipe hands or surfaces clean. Allow wet hands and surfaces to air dry. Replace lid to ensure towels stay moist. Use on pre-cleaned hands or surfaces. Use in food production areas on bench tops, food equipment and temperature probes. Use around the office to create a healthy workplace by sanitising high touch surfaces such as door handles, desks, keyboards, computer equipment and phones.


  • 70% v/v alcohol wipe
  • Safe for hands and surfaces
  • 150 wipes per canister
  • Approved for use in food facilities