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Automotive Products

Nowra Chemicals has a complete range of car care products, for cleaning, polishing and protecting any type of vehicle.

Laundry Chemicals

Nowra Chemicals has a complete range of laundry chemicals, for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

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Automotive Products

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Laundry Chemicals

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Water Treatment

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Food Service Chemicals

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Janitorial Equipment


Paper Products

Food Service

Nowchem has a complete range of food service chemicals, including descalers, detergents, disinfectants, sanitisers, sterilisers and dishmachine liquids.


Nowchem has a wide range of heavy duty chemicals including degreasers, acids, cleaners, solvents and surfactants for all types of industrial applications.


Nowchem has a complete range of janitorial equipment including gloves, mop and sponge refills, sanitary bins, respirators, garbage bags, dispensers and surface wipes.

Water Treament

Nowchem provides a wide range of water chemicals including drain cleaners, acids, chlorine and chlorides, and algae removers for drainage and pools.