FREE delivery for orders over $100 from Wollongong to Kioloa. FREE delivery for orders over $400 to Sydney Metro area.


Delivery Terms

Nowchem will arrange delivery to premises in the zones shown in the maps below under the heading “Delivery Zones”, which have been arranged into four distinct zones, Zones, 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Estimated delivery dates to for Zones 1, 2 and 4 will be provided at the time of placement of order or in an order confirmation. Delivery within Zone 3 will be carried out within 3-5 working days if the products is in stock or pre-prepared.  

Pallet Delivery Costs:

The cost for delivery within the zones are set out below:

  • Zone 1 $80.00 on orders under $400.00 (per pallet)
  • Zone 2 $35.00 on orders under $200.00 (per pallet)
  • Zone 3 $12.00 on orders under $100.00 (per pallet)
  • Zone 4 $80.00 on orders under $250.00 (per pallet)

For all bulk pump outs or full pallet deliveries, or smaller quantities less than a pallet, the cost of delivery will be provided at the time of placement of order or in an order confirmation.

Delivery Conditions

  1. You may be contacted to clarify delivery details. PO boxes cannot be used.
  2. Nowchem aims to deliver within “Area A” (See Shipping Schedule) within 3-5 days and “Areas B and C” within 7-10 days. Orders will be dispatched as quickly as possible however we do not guarantee delivery dates or supply.
  3. You or your representative may be asked to sign a Proof of Delivery docket when our goods are delivered to you.
  4. Shipping Dangerous Goods – Unfortunately freight companies charge extra to ship dangerous goods as drivers are required to be licenced by ADG laws. If you are located outside “Area A” of Nowra Chemical Manufacturers Pty Ltd shipping schedule there will be an extra charge for shipping dangerous goods. This will be communicated with you with a customer service representative when your order is placed. Dangerous Goods are identified in the product descriptions.
  5. It there is an unforseen delay we will contact you to advise the estimated time of arrival.
  6. We will not accept liability for any loss incurred by you as a result of any delay or failure to supply.
  7. Damages to goods must be notified to us within 7 days of delivery and returned within 14 days.
  8. If you subsequently find you have received an item incorrectly you should immediately contact us regarding the return requirements.
  9. Authority to Leave Goods (ATL) – if you agree that it is ok to leave the goods if no one is available to sign for the goods, the courier will place at your front door or otherwise stated by you at the time of placing the Internet order in the “Notes to us “section in the checkout facility. Authority to Leave (ATL) is not applicable for Dangerous Goods. IF you give authority to leave (ATL) we cannot be held responsible for these goods.
  10. At the discretion of Nowra Chemical Manufacturers Pty Ltd, we reserve the right to alter shipping fees regardless of the set shipping schedule based on geographical areas and location and availability of contractors to perform delivery. We always aim to provide you with the best customer service possible, including the price of shipping, however there are at times factors out of our control.