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Fabrisan 5L


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Fabrisan® is a specialised carpet sanitiser and deodoriser specifically designed for removing difficult odours from carpets and fabrics. Fabrisan® is highly effective in neutralising and removing persistent urine odours. Fabrisan® is also highly effective in treating and restoring flood and water damaged carpet.

Fabrisan® has been tested and approved by one of the worlds leading carpet fibre manufacturers. Fabrisan® is safe to use on all types of carpets and stain resistant coatings. Fabrisan® conforms to the Australian Standard AS3733-1990 for carpet cleaning. Fabrisan® is internationally patented.


  • Eliminates urine odours
  • Multipurpose deodoriser
  • Eliminates almost any odour
  • Safe on all carpets and fabrics
  • Effective in removing moulds and spores