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M3 Motor Scrubber Starter Kit


Available on backorder


The M3 makes light work of deep cleaning confined and hard to reach places. Achieving outstanding cleaning results on any surface.

  • 3x faster scrubbing than manual methods.
  • 360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour.
  • Plug and go!
  • Powerful high torque M10 motor delivers 10,000rpm, geared to 360rpm.
  • Outstanding cleaning results.

The M3 Starter Kit includes everything you need to get cleaning:

  • M3 Machine.
  • Backpack complete with Battery and Charger.
  • Medium Duty Brush.
  • Red Spray Cleaning Pad.
  • White Buffing Pad.
  • Green Scrubbing Pad.
  • Microfibre Pad.
  • Pad Holder.